Management System

We made it easier for you to control all your fleets. With just a few clicks, Seirios FMS will help to control and optimize all of your fleets performance. 

Robotic / Fleet Management System

What is FMS?

Advanced management solutions

Complete your automated robots with Seirios FMS. Our full-service fleet management system is designed to boost the overall performance of your fleets. You take control, we optimize the calculation for you.


Manage with Ease

Advance fleet management system with a simple user interface helps you control all the fleets easily

Fleet management system interface

Run Tasks

Control all your fleets in a single integrated system

Manage Fleet

Control robots movement, task, and queue to bring optimal results. Add robots, rename them, view them all in one map view.

Fleet management system dashboard
Fleet management system

Lane System

Plan out different lane presets for your fleet to operate through

Why Seirios FMS?

Efficiency at its best.

Task Delegation

Users only need to assign tasks via the FMS, and the system will delegate the tasks to the robots automatically

Traffic Optimization

Fleet of robots are able to cleverly avoid each other without any collision.

Lane Creation

Customize task according to your needs with no additional hardware required


Industry sectors we have proudly innovated with

Collaboration in every sector possible...


Automation robots are used throughout various stages of construction projects such as site inspections, transporting supply and materials, and detect potential errors to help get the menial work and ensure a safer construction site.


Combined with Seirios, your cleaning robots will do the job remarkably well in every environment from mall, hospital, even airports that can guarantee your customer satisfaction.


Seirios in healthcare will help in transporting meals, delivering medication and attending to patients’ requests, so healthcare workers will be able to focus on more important tasks.


Seirios help the industrial sector to Increase productivity by having high uptime in the overall production process and create a safer environment for the worker.


Optimize your service with the help of telepresence robots or receptionist robots to improve customer satisfaction, service quality and productivity with Seirios.


Let us start innovating together!

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