Seirios Simple

Get more out of less. Use Seirios simple for a handy scalable navigation.

Seirios simple: Easy navigation system

What is Seirios Simple?

Simple, yet Powerful

Instant navigation, instant task execution and task queueing & scheduling with just a few taps.

Manual teleoperate: Seirios Simple

Manual Teleoperate

Run the robot manually using the on screen easy-to-use controller.

Add task and goal: Seirios Simple

Instant Task Execution

Run pre-made task by choosing a path, goal, or home created on Seirios RNS.

Sleek and modern navigation system user interface

Queueing and Scheduling

Repeat the same set of tasks whenever you want. Add a specific time schedule so the robot can get the job done timely.

Why Seirios Simple?

Anyone can use it

Even the most advanced technology means nothing if no one can use it. We make sure simple is not one of them.

Simple User Interface

A simple interface is made for you to control your robot easily, even on the busiest day.

No technical skills required

With our easy to use program, anyone should be able to control the robots in order to create a more productive work environment.

Safe to Operate

While creating tasks may cause some error, in Seirios simple you just have to run premade tasks from Seirios RNS. Avoid any mistakes, operate your robots safely.


Industry sectors we have proudly innovated with

Collaboration in every sector possible...


Automation robots are used throughout various stages of construction projects such as site inspections, transporting supply and materials, and detect potential errors to help get the menial work and ensure a safer construction site.


Combined with Seirios, your cleaning robots will do the job remarkably well in every environment from mall, hospital, even airports that can guarantee your customer satisfaction.


Seirios in healthcare will help in transporting meals, delivering medication and attending to patients’ requests, so healthcare workers will be able to focus on more important tasks.


Seirios help the industrial sector to Increase productivity by having high uptime in the overall production process and create a safer environment for the worker.


Optimize your service with the help of telepresence robots or receptionist robots to improve customer satisfaction, service quality and productivity with Seirios.


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