Management System

Seirios FMS makes it easier for you to control all your robots as a fleet. With a single platform management system, control all your robots to work together in tandem.

Robotic / Fleet Management System

What is FMS?

Advanced Fleet Management Solutions

Fully automate your environment with robots using Seirios FMS. Robot management, task delegation and lane creation.


Fleet management made easy

Advance fleet management system with a simple user interface helps you control all the fleets easily

Fleet management system interface

Task Delegation

Simply arrange your tasks in a list and the FMS will execute them based on robots' proximity and availability.

Robot Management

With no limits to the number of robots in a fleet, keep track of the robots to maximise your output and capabilities.

Fleet management system dashboard
Fleet management system

Lane System

For precision and dynamically changing environments, draw single or two way lanes for robots to follow within its environment.

Why Seirios FMS?

Efficiency at its best.

Task Delegation

No hassle figuring out which robot is available, or not. Simply add tasks into the list and the FMS will delegate to available robots.

Traffic Optimization

Robots in the FMS are aware of each other in the environment. Worry less about congestions and collisions.

Lane Management

Busy environments tend to be busy and dynamically changing. Use the lane drawing feature to permit robots to traverse within the lanes drawn.

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Industry sectors we have proudly innovated with

Collaboration in every sector made possible.


Heavy and dangerous load ferrying, site inspections, and more.


Hotels, malls, hospitals and public places.


Medication transportation, meal deliveries, waste management.


Load carrying robots, picking robots, and more


Telepresence robots, service robots, receptionist robots and more.