Seirios Robotic Navigation System

Seirios RNS - smart and intuitive navigational software for your robots.

Smart navigation system: Seirios RNS

Navigational system and more

Futuristic Robotics Navigation System

Using sensor combination technology that allow robots to see and react the way humans do

Teleoperate using robot navigation system


Remotely control your robot with the onscreen joystick or WSAD controls easily.


Familiarise your robot in its environment by manually or automatically moving your robot to explore the area it is in.

Create map in robot navigation system
Create path in robot navigation system

Path Recording and Recalling

Mark your robot's location in a series of points to save it as a path. Save it as a task to run it later or stack it with other tasks.

Single Point Navigation

Command your robot to a single point in a map easily. Save this point as a goal to run later or stack them with other tasks.

Set destination for robot to run to in Seirios RNS
Create selected area as a zone in Seirios RNS


Coverage planning feature where Seirios RNS will plot a path to cover the zone you have drawn.

Schedule & Queue

Stack multiple tasks (goals, paths and more) into a single list that you can run now, or schedule to run later.

Navigation system user interfaci: Seirios RNS

Why Seirios RNS?

Efficiency at its best.

Few clicks is all you need to flexibly run, control and schedule your mobile robot.

Rapid Installation and Integration

Reduce integration time with easy and fast installation onto your robot.

Precision Technology

With recommended sensors, achieve ≥5cm accuracy with your robots in dynamic environments.

Seamless Robot Navigation

Allows robots to intelligently see and act the way humans do with sensor combination technology.

Reduce Development Time and Cost

Seirios is designed with modern UI/UX and a full suite of features; ready for you to deploy to attend to your clients’ needs.

Mobile Responsive

Use Seirios on your phone, tablet or desktop. No additional hardware required.

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Industry sectors we have proudly innovated with

Collaboration in every sector made possible.


Heavy and dangerous load ferrying, site inspections, and more.


Hotels, malls, hospitals and public places.


Medication transportation, meal deliveries, waste management.


Load carrying robots, picking robots, and more


Telepresence robots, service robots, receptionist robots and more.