Seirios Simple

Move your robots with a seriously simple user interface.

Seirios simple: Easy navigation system

What is Seirios Simple?

Simple, yet Powerful

Designed for end-users in all environments, users can simple tap-to-execute tasks for robots to execute. Seirios Simple requires Seirios RNS installed.

Manual teleoperate: Seirios Simple

Manual Controls

Move robots manually with the on-screen easy-to-use touch controls.

Add task and goal: Seirios Simple

Instant Task Execution

Execute pre-made tasks (path, goal, or home) created on Seirios RNS.

Sleek and modern navigation system user interface

Large and Clear Interface

Touch controls and buttons are designed larger - friendly UI for users and suitable for small integrated displays & devices.

Why Seirios Simple?

Simple interface for everyone

Simple interface designed by humans, for humans

Simple user interface

A simple interface is made for you to control your robot easily, especially in challenging environments.

No technical skills required

Designed for everyone to use, no complicated training or prior technical knowledge required to operate robots.

Getting work done faster

With a click-and-go approach, tasks can be accessed and done quickly.

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Industry sectors we have proudly innovated with

Collaboration in every sector made possible.


Heavy and dangerous load ferrying, site inspections, and more.


Hotels, malls, hospitals and public places.


Medication transportation, meal deliveries, waste management.


Load carrying robots, picking robots, and more


Telepresence robots, service robots, receptionist robots and more.