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At Movel AI we help you develop AI based robot systems with human-like precision and movements. Optimize productivity and save up development costs with us.

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Fleet Management System: Seirios FMS

Why Us?

We make it easy to teleoperate robots

We look forward to be your best partner in your automated future.

Fast robot deployment time

Reduce deployment

Combination of web and robotic technologies fasten the deployment process of Seirios. Without any additional hardware required, we will help you install and integrate our software.

Reduce cost

We are committed to give the best quality by implementing a high accuracy sensor in our software at the most competitive price.

service robots to reduce cost
robotic help manpower scarcity

Less manpower management

Seirios is aimed to create a smart, data-driven robot. Powered by AI and Deep Learning technology, robot will be able to do both quantitative and repetitive tasks as a mean to reduce manpower needed.

Our Flagship Products

Introducing, Seirios.

Designed with the combination of sensor fusion and computer vision, offering a complete solution to automate your robots.

Simple navigation software
Seirios: Robot Navigation System


Seirios RNS is a reliable navigation system for single robot systems. Create maps, tasks, and schedule tasks easily with our sleek and modern UI.

Seirios: Manage multiple robots using fleet management system
Seirios: Robot Navigation System


Our state of the art fleet management system helps to delegate multiple tasks in a single instance with a fleet of robots (Seirios RNS required) in large and busy environments.

Seirios: Easy interface robot navigation system
Seirios: Robot Navigation System


Simple interface for busy humans. Single tap/click execution of tasks makes it easy to execute tasks in busy and dynamic environments.



Industry sectors we have proudly innovated with

Collaboration in every sector possible...


Automation robots are used throughout various stages of construction projects such as site inspections, transporting supply and materials, and detect potential errors to help get the menial work and ensure a safer construction site.


Combined with Seirios, your cleaning robots will do the job remarkably well in every environment from mall, hospital, even airports that can guarantee your customer satisfaction.


Seirios in healthcare will help in transporting meals, delivering medication and attending to patients’ requests, so healthcare workers will be able to focus on more important tasks.


Seirios help the industrial sector to Increase productivity by having high uptime in the overall production process and create a safer environment for the worker.


Optimize your service with the help of telepresence robots or receptionist robots to improve customer satisfaction, service quality and productivity with Seirios.


Partners we have proudly collaborated with

Partner company: Unitech
Partner company: Segway
Partner company: Ideasparq robotics
Partner company: Infocomm media development authority
Partner company: PBA Group
Partner company: df Automation & Robotics
Partner company: Siix AGT
Partner company: CEI
Partner: BCA

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