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Named after the brightest star in the Canis Major constellation, Seirios was used by seafarers to navigate the seas in the past. Today, Seirios helps modern robotics engineers to deploy robots better and move their robots across different industries.


Discover our solutions to revolutionise the way you deploy and manage robots. With Seirios RNS, our robot deployment system, and Seirios FMS 2.0, our full-service robot fleet management system, you can unlock the full potential of your robots and streamline your operations.

Seirios RNS

Seirios RNS is a mobile robot deployment system for single robots, that comes bundled with a user-friendly interface, for anyone to use. With sensor combination technology, allows mobility platforms to see and act the way humans do.

Seirios FMS 2.0

A full-service mobile robot fleet management system, designed to control over 100+ robots as a fleet. Connecting different types of robots; AMR, forklift robots, pallet truck robots from different brands, and even non-ROS-enable robots to function in unison.

Seirios FMS 2.0


Movel AI offers advanced robotics deployment solutions that use state-of-the-art technology to optimise robot performance and safety. Our solutions are designed to be versatile and work with any mobile robot and vendor, making them adaptable to a variety of industries and use cases.

Movel AI robotics deployment solutions for AMR robot, AGV, autonomous mobile robot


Installed locally on your robot/AGV's on-board computer, hardware and sensor data will be received by Seirios, providing you the ability to interface with your robot on any device over WiFi.


Building on top of our robot deployment system, is our new and powerful fleet management system (FMS) to control, manage and visualise multiple robots in a large fleet.


Discover the adaptability of our robotics deployment solutions, seamlessly employed in industries ranging from manufacturing and healthcare to logistics.


If your industry isn't listed below, connect with our live chat deployment experts for personalised assistance. Your unique needs are our priority.

Movel AI is versatile to any industry; logistics, construction, manufacturing, service


The growth of e-commerce and evolving goods distribution models are some of the factors why the logistics industry should be able to give customers more choices of ways to get their goods. Automation is a way out for companies to meet these demands. Check out our projects with Tugbot by RoboSavvy and ROSATI.


Seirios helps the industrial sector to Increase productivity by having high uptime in the overall production process and create a safer environment for the worker.


Mobile robots are used throughout various stages of construction projects such as site inspections, transporting supply and materials, and detect potential errors to help get the menial work and ensure a safer construction site. Check out our project with BCA.


Combined with Seirios, your cleaning robots will do the job remarkably well in every environment from mall, hospital, even airports that can guarantee your customer satisfaction. Check out our project with Ideasparq.

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