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Flexible plans for your robotics deployment needs

Movel RNS 

for single robot deployment

Movel AI pricing for Seirios RNS plan

Movel FMS

for multiple robots deployment

Movel AI pricing for Seirios FMS plan

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the requirements for Movel RNS and Movel FMS?

A: You will need WLAN and a PC-ROS based robotic system. Movel RNS and Movel FMS will be installed in the PC and receives all the sensor inputs that are installed for localisation, mapping and other features.

On a different device (mobile, laptop or desktop), simply key in the IP address (as designated by your router) to access the user interface.

Q: What is the accuracy of your navigation solution?

A: Limitations to accuracy is dependent on your sensor installed (LiDAR, camera, etc).

Q: Can Movel RNS and Movel FMS support integration of different payloads?

A: Yes, it is supported via our custom tasks feature. This will enable both auxiliary and custom payloads to be commanded via the user interface.

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