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Flexible plans for your robotics deployment needs


  • Pricing does not include customised solution developed with partners or internally

  • If you are interested in buying perpetual license, please contact us at

  • *Custom requests are optional add-ons with cost. These include software feature requests, docking code writing, API integration, and others

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the requirements for Seirios?

A: You will need WLAN and a PC-ROS based robotic system. Seirios will be installed in the PC and receives all the sensor inputs that are installed for localisation, mapping and other features.

On a different device (mobile, laptop or desktop), simply key in the IP address (as designated by your router) to access the user interface.

Q: What is the accuracy of your navigation solution?

A: Limitations to accuracy is dependent on your sensor installed (LiDAR, camera, etc).

Q: Can Seirios support integration of different payloads?

A: Yes, it is supported via our custom tasks feature. This will enable both auxiliary and custom payloads to be commanded via the user interface.

Our Happy Clients

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