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About Us

Movel AI is a Singapore-based robotic deployment solutions start-up founded in 2016, backed by Silicon Solution Ventures (SSV), 500 Global, AviTech, SGInnovate, Seeds Capital, and Enterprise Singapore.


At Movel AI, we're passionate about simplifying the deployment and usage of robots for both hardware companies and end users. Our mission is to cut down on deployment time and cost, enabling you to get your robots up and running quickly, efficiently, and with minimal training. 

Gone are the days of complex setups and excessive training. With our robotic deployment solution, we empower you to seamlessly deploy and control your robots. Move your robots without any hassle with our easy-to-use interface. 


But we don't stop there. We go beyond being a robotic software provider. We are your partner in simplifying the entire process. Whether you have a single robot or multiple fleets, in logistics, manufacturing, construction, healthcare, or whatever industry you are in, our solutions streamline robotics deployment, allowing you to effortlessly control and coordinate your entire robotic ecosystem. 


Let Movel AI be your trusted ally in achieving seamless robot deployment, reducing costs, and maximising efficiency. Experience the freedom of effortless robot control with Movel AI. 

We help you to deploy your robots better!

Our Journey

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Movel AI was founded by a team of experienced robotics engineers and entrepreneurs in Singapore, with a vision to make robotics deployment more accessible for businesses.



We developed our first prototype and began testing it in different environments to refine our technology and improve its performance. Simultaneously, we were able to successfully secure Pre-seed funding to further our growth.

The great team that makes it happen

Our team is across Asia; innovating from different countries and cultures to bring out the best robotics deployment solutions.

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Our Values


We believe in pushing boundaries and exploring creative approaches to tackle the challenges presented to us.


Through collaboration and curiosity, the team is always on the search for game-changing solutions that matter and make a difference.


The driving force and very core of Movel AI is its strong team of diverse individuals who believe in doing things faster and better.


Our great solutions are achieved through teamwork, with equal parts communicating clearly, caring for, and challenging each other to strive for greater.


Solutions delivered to our customers are always catered and customised specifically to respective needs, and we believe there is no one-size-fits-all template.


A deep understanding of the problems clients face allows us to make testing meaningful and deliver relevant solutions. 

Continuous Learning

Mistakes happen and they are allowed in Movel AI, where we understand that experience is a teacher like no other.


Team members learn from and guide one another in the work we do. Questions are always welcome and a culture of sharing knowledge is what we strive to uphold.

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