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Seirios FMS 2.0 (Beta)

A comprehensive solution for deploying over 100+ mobile robots seamlessly within a single interface.

Enjoy FREE
 Seirios FMS 2.0 (Beta), exclusively for the first 10 users.

*Limited offer valid until February 29th, 2023. T&C apply.

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How does it work?

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Seirios FMS helps you to manage up to 100+ mobile robots

Check out this video!

Seirios FMS comes with performance analytics feature



Make data-driven decisions with comprehensive analytics about your fleets and individual mobile robots.

Data collected include total tasks executed & completed and total distances travelled over a period of time, as well as robot utilisation figures.

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Seirios FMS feature - Multiple Users
Seirios FMS feature - Multiple Maps
Seirios FMS feature - Performance Analytics
Seirios FMS feature - Area Management
Seirios FMS feature - Interoperability


Tugbot is an autonomous mobile robot, functioned to streamline workflow and logistics productivity in a warehouse. This collaborative project is carried out in an environment that already has hundreds of robots actively serving in the warehouse. Powered by Movel AI,  the Tugbots can continue to move dynamically, without crashing or interfering with existing robots in the operational zone. 

Terms & Conditions for FREE Seirios FMS 2.0 (Beta)

  1. This offer is available for 50 licenses only.

  2. You can choose to receive the Seirios FMS 2.0 robot plugin user manual for self-installation. Prefer a hassle-free experience? Let Movel AI craft the plugin for you at an extra charge based on the complexity of the robot documents.

  3. Sit back and relax! Movel AI takes care of the installation process, ensuring a seamless setup.

  4. If you exclusively opt for Seirios FMS 2.0 without Seirios RNS, Movel AI will not be held responsible for obstacle avoidance and accuracy requirements of the robots.

  5. Seirios FMS 2.0 API is your ticket to seamless integration with ERP/WMS/MES systems. If you opt for Movel AI to write the integration code, an additional charge will apply.

  6. Enjoy dedicated support for Seirios FMS 2.0 on weekdays from 10 AM to 6 PM SGT. 

Seize this exclusive offer and propel your mobile robot fleet management operations to new heights with Seirios FMS 2.0!

Deploy multiple robots at ease

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