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Seirious: navigation solution for smart autonomous robot

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Futuristic Robotics Navigation Software

Navigating mobility devices in various dynamic environments is no easy feat. Navigate easily with Seirios for modern applications.

Seirios: Smart Navigation system for robot
Seirios: Robot Navigation System

Seirios RNS is a reliable navigation system. Using sensor combination technology it allows robot to see and act the way human do.

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Seirios FMS: Reliable fleet management system

Our full-service fleet management system is designed to boost the overall performance of your fleets. You take control, we optimize the calculation for you.

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Seirios Reliable fleet management system
Seirios: Navigation system with easy user interface
Seirios Simple: Easy navigation system

Simple is an on the go navigation system. With an easy user interface, you can create task, run robot, even create a schedule on the go using Simple.

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